Pre-order Nessy Fingers Touch-Typing

Nessy Fingers online is coming Summer 2017!

Nessy Fingers Touch-Typing has been an award-winning Nessy program for some time, however in recent years it’s unfortunately started to become obsolete, not working on Macs or tablets.

As great a program as the old Nessy Fingers was, it was time for an upgrade. Luckily, that paved the way for a brand new, online and tablet compatible version!


My experience learning to touch-type

Touch-typing is a truly invaluable skill. When I was around 7 my mum sat me down, forced me to learn and told me that as much as I complained now, I’d thank her one day – and I do. It’s helped me countless times and it’s a great skill to have.

But here’s the catch – I had to learn on a a basic plain document, typing meaninglessly – very very boring!

I wish Nessy Fingers had been around then, the games and lessons are a fantastic way of quickly grasping the concept of touch-typing, the finger layout and then at keeping you engaged while those techniques are reinforced until they become simple muscle memory.

It’s especially invaluable to kids with learning difficulties as it gives them another way to get their words out- a way many children with learning difficulties find easier than putting pen to paper.


What is the new

Nessy Fingers?
Nessy Fingers teaches the home keys, punctuation and letters in five short lessons. After each lesson you then get access to five themed islands, each with 3 games where you can reinforce what you just learnt, collect trophies and test your typing speed in the Nessy Time Trial.

There are loads of trophies to collect and you can see if you’ve got them all at Mount Glory.

learn to touch-type


Getting the new Nessy Fingers Touch-Typing

Well, it’s not out quite yet, but schools can pre-order now and get 25% off! Everyone else I’m afraid will just have to wait for the fast approaching release date. At the moment we’re predicting a Summer launch so watch this space!

Don’t forget to try our FREE mini-game on the product page and find out your wpm!


Click here to read more about this exciting new version of Nessy Fingers!


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