New Nessy Upgrade


Nessy’s been upgraded! Don’t worry, most of the stuff is behind the scenes to make sure Nessy is working optimally for you, but there are a few new features for you to check out.


New Login Settings

From now on, logging in with your email and password is a hidden option! This is because we want to encourage users to log in with their Secret Word, so teachers don’t need to give out personal details to students.

Don’t worry! You can still choose to log in with your email and password if you want to:

reading & spelling support

Plus, now if you click the ‘Remember me’ button you don’t have to log in again! Next time you use the same device to access Nessy it will take you straight to the screen where you choose your monkey.


Welcome to the Land of Ness Screen

The log in screen inside the program has changed too! From now on to find a monkey you need to type in the student’s name (or part of their name) and hit ‘Go’:


dyslexic support


This means you don’t see everyone else’s name who is on the account – just your own.


Creating a New Monkey

No longer do you have to go into the admin section to assign a monkey to a group! Groups grant access to Nessy programs, you can decide if you want a student to have access to just one Nessy program or all the programs you’ve purchased.


learn to spell


Accessing Your Nessy Program

You’ll now notice that all Nessy programs show in your option menu, not just the one you have:

This does not mean you have access to the other Nessy programs ( ☹ ) but it does provide you with an easy way to see what other great programs we have on offer to help struggling kids in your classroom.


Admin & Reports

The admin and reporting section has also been improved! Now, your Nessy Reading & Spelling report has even more statistics and a detailed activity breakdown so you can exactly what your child has been working on and how they’re doing:

track progress spelling

The stats for new areas of measurement such as phonological awareness, fluency and so on are taken from percentage of correct answers for games of that specific skill.

E.g. ‘House of Fear’ has the skill Reading Comprehension. So if you score 8 out of 10 on that game, your Reading Comprehension score would be 80%. This score only looks at games that have been passed, so by default these scores will be high for most students as you have to score either 8/10 or 5/5 to pass each game anyway.


Collecting your Nessy Eggs!

And finally, a really nice update for the kids! This one has been around for a while, have you discovered it yet?

Now, if you complete all the lessons on an island you can collect your own Nessy egg!
how to engage


Your eggs live at the top of the tallest tree in Monkey Town, don’t get to visit, watch your egg hatching and collect all the baby Nessy’s!


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