New to Nessy: Target Mode!

reading and spelling assessments

Coming soon to Nessy Reading & Spelling, Target Mode!


What is it?

Target Mode is a new feature that is enabled by default when a new account is created. The object is to keep students focussed on the lessons they need to grasp in order to progress most effectively through the program. Target mode means students are unable to access activities until they have taken the Nessy Challenge and have set their learning targets. Once these targets have been set students are only able to access the corresponding lessons. Trying to access any activity in a lesson that is not a target will result in one of these two messages:



When Target Mode is Enabled:

If Target Mode is enabled and the student tries to skip the Nessy Challenges reminders will appear on every new screen they access:







Students can still access islands where they have completed targets in order to see their awakened animals.


Working in Target Mode:

Nessy Reading & Spelling will guide the student through target lessons in order from the lowest lesson to the highest (Reading targets first, then Spelling targets) – the thumbnail in the bottom right indicates the next activity to complete.

If a student selects a different target lesson they will be directed through the activities in that lesson, and, when it is completed, the program will default to the next lowest target lesson number.


Disabling Target Mode

If Target Mode is not suitable for your requirements you can disable it in the Admin & Reports section under ‘Change Settings’. When Target Mode is disabled, it is advisable that targets are still set in order to prompt the student as to how they will best progress through the program. In this case the student can access activities from any lesson below their target but not above.