Nessy in South Africa!

In 2014 Nessy met with Nokkie Hartman* of the Vergezicht school in South Africa and a partnership between the school and Nessy was born. Vergezeicht became the pilot school for Nessy in South Africa, using our programs as an ESL tool – with great results. The school held a  Dyslexia Information Day to raise awareness of dyslexia and ways Nessy can be used as a ESL tool.


“Thank you so much for a fantastic, informative and entertaining morning. What wonderful and inspirational people you had speaking with such helpful tips. HUGE thanks for the enormous dedication and effort that was taken to put it together and welcome us with such lovely goodies and tea too!”
– Lisa O’Mahony


Since 2015 every child at Verzegicht has used Nessy weekly and progress with English has been incredible, Jeniel’s reading age improved from 11 to 13 years in just one year of using Nessy and is now a high school student! Verzegicht’s pilot has allowed us to see the efficacy of Nessy as an ESL tool and the results are great!

South African Nessy

“For both of us English is our 2nd Language. “Ons hou BAIE van Nessy! (We really like Nessy!)”

– Rebeca & Karli


In October 2016 the school held their second Dyslexia Information day, packed with Nessy goodies, to continue to raise awareness in South Africa.


dyslexic help
Tea, coffee and snacks ready for the guests.
The senior students impressed the guests with the hospitality with which they welcomed each guest.



save money

Each guest received a Goody Bag filled with gifts (and a Nessy discount voucher…)
Geniet die middag means: “Enjoy the afternoon!


dyslexia help
Learning happens when you combine it with tea, snacks & smiles…
dyslexic help
Another successful day in the lives of Nessy family members.



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