The Nessy Login Process is Changing

From February 12th you’ll notice a new way to log in. We’ve done away with the separate admin password ‘lochsmith’ and from now on you’ll be asked to log into Admin & Reports using your email address and password on the homescreen.

You may still see the old Nessy log in screen. Please clear your browsing data using these instructions.



You can no longer log into your Nessy account to play using your email and password and instead you must log in using the Secret Word received in your welcome email.


What Else is Changing?

There’ll be separate teacher logins for Admin & Reports. The account will have one administrator who can change settings and add new teachers. Their password to log into Admin & Reports will be the same as the one set up when purchasing.

The new teachers will receive an invite email from Nessy once the administrator has added them to the account and they will have access to view student records and add/delete/edit existing students and groups.



You can send your teachers an invite to log in via Admin & Reports under ‘Settings’ and ‘Manage Teachers’.

The teacher can then choose their password by clicking the link in the invite email sent and log into Admin & Reports using their email and chosen password. Each teacher’s password is unique to them and should not be shared with anyone.


Dyslexia Training

From now on administrators for Dyslexia Training will similarly be required to log in using their email and password.


Any questions? If you’re unsure how to log in or create users for Admin & Reports, check out our brand new FAQ’s and training videos in our Help section. You can also email or call us on 0117 9239777.