Independent Learning And The Struggling Reader

Shawna, homeschooling mum and owner of the blog Not The Former Things has recently shared her experiences using Nessy in a new post.


Shawna’s personable blog focusses on motherhood and special needs as both of her boys need some extra help with schooling. She shares her experiences in a real way, complete with snippets of dialogue from her sons and her own frustrations and hopes through the homeschooling journey.


Her post about Nessy Reading & Spelling offers an insight into the point of view of the children using the program as she includes their comments and why they like and want to use Nessy.



“I wanted him to have a resource that he could use independently. What he got was much, much more.
My son has completed several lessons and levels to date and actually looks forward to it as part of his school day. His positive reaction to a reading program has been a wonderful and unexpected benefit, and quite frankly, a little surprising. Reading is something that he has struggled with for so long, I assumed it would always be a subject that he would avoid, given a choice. This has by far, been the best part of using Nessy Reading and Spelling.”


It’s great to hear about how her youngest son finally has the ability he desired most – to learn independently! You can read her full article here and read more about Nessy Reading & Spelling here.