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Homeschooling as a parent is a tough, but rewarding, year-round job, and it’s an option more and more parents are taking. Frustrated with a schooling system that doesn’t always supply the appropriate interventions to help children who learn differently, parents are taking their children out of school to ensure they get the help they need.

We want to help make your homeschooling job easier and more fun – and we’ve got the experience to do it! Nessy’s founder and creator Mike Jones was taken out of school by his mother Pat Jones at age 9, unable to spell his own name:

dyslexic help“My mum was a maths teacher and she home schooled me. She realised that to make things stick the teacher has to be inventive. You have to develop strategies. So that’s exactly what she did, she created a bunch of strategies to help me learn.”

“Two years later I went back into mainstream education but instead of being bottom of the class I was at the top and guess what? Using my mums strategies I stayed at the top.”


Mike’s early experiences sparked a lifelong interest in helping children who learn differently, supplying them the strategies and approaches they need, and most importantly, showing them that learning can be fun.


Nessy Now

Mike’s own experiences led us to put together a page exclusively for homeschoolers, we want to hear your voices and help make your homeschool curriculum a seamless, fun process. Our new page is designed to help guide you through what you need to understand dyslexia and how to ensure you have the right interventions in place.

Plus, as a homeschooler you get exclusive access to a brand new club! Sign up and you’ll receive our free ebook ‘Dyslexia Explained’ that you can read with your child, an exclusive discount code and a monthly newsletter with tips and advice for (and from) homeschoolers, the latest blog articles, personal experience stories and all our current promotions – straight to your inbox.

We’ve also put together a discounted bundle deal to help with reading, spelling, writing, telling the time  and multiplication in a fun, multisensory way using game, videos and worksheets.


The Parent Pack, £90 + VAT:

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1 licence of Dyslexia Quest

1 licence of Nessy Reading & Spelling

1 licence of Writing Beach

1 licence of Nessy Numbers

1 copy of ‘Dyslexia Explained’

You save 20% off the normal price & get free shipping on your copy of ‘Dyslexia Explained’!


What would you, as a homeschooler, like to see? Please let us know in the comments below!


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