Nessy Learning donates more than $100,000 AUD Worth of Educational Products to students in Victoria, Australia

In celebration of Dyslexia Awareness Month, and Nessy’s 20th anniversary, global dyslexia company Nessy Learning is teaming up with Dyslexia Victoria Support to donate more than $100,000 AUD worth of educational products to schools in Victoria, Australia.

This donation will help support children in schools lacking systematic synthetic phonics resources to help their students. Schools are to be selected, and resources distributed by Dyslexia Victoria Support, Australia.


 “Nessy Learning is pleased to gift these 15 schools with online systematic phonics instruction for all their primary students.  We believe that providing students with explicit phonics instruction early, prevents literacy difficulties later.” 

Tiffany James, Director of Educational Development Nessy Learning


“Up to 20 per cent of people, all ages, backgrounds and nations are affected by dyslexia, which is characterised by difficulty learning to read, write or spell fluently.  That translates to 1-in-5 people, or five students in a class of 25.

“The opportunity Nessy Learning has provided us with is much needed and their proven tools are of exceptional value to schools. We believe there is a lot of scope for improvement in the way teachers can teach the basics of reading and writing for children with dyslexia and this pilot program is a brilliant start.”

Heidi Gregory, Dyslexia Victoria Support


In addition to this donation, Nessy is excited to announce their first visit to Australia and look forward to visiting with the members of Dyslexia Victoria Support to discuss how, by working together, Nessy and DVS can continue to support children with dyslexia.