Big Changes are Coming to Admin & Reports

From 28th May you’ll notice some changes to Admin & Reports. Moving forward, licenses will be allocated at the student level, not the group. This means that students within a group can have access to different programs.


Creating a New Student

If a student profile is created via the ‘Create New Monkey’ button, they will automatically be allocated licenses from all active subscriptions with spaces free.

If a student profile is created in Admin & Reports, this screen will appear:

Sliders are changed from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ to select the programs the student will be able to access.

If an application is ‘greyed out’ and the slider cannot be changed it will say why underneath the program – usually this will be due to being out of available licenses.

If you bulk upload students
there are new columns for each available program added to our spreadsheet upload, if you want a student to have access to an application, simply put ‘Y’ or ‘1’ in the appropriate column field.

An uploaded spreadsheet will display like so:

Expired Licenses

Students are now allocated licenses from the nearest available expiry date, this means that licenses will expire at different times for different students if there is more than one renewal date.

We’ve added a new ‘Expired Licenses’ button under ‘All Students’ to help you manage this:

This will show you which students have expired licenses. If you still have available licenses, you can then choose to ‘update’ a child from their edit student screen:

Meaning the available license will then be allocated to them.


If you have no licenses remaining, you will instead see this:

This means you will either have to contact Nessy to purchase additional licenses or you will need to rearrange your license allocation by removing another student from the program.



Licenses are no longer allocated by group. Groups will simply now have the option to add a weekly report for Nessy Reading & Spelling and will otherwise just be a way to manage classes/tutor groups etc.

When receiving a weekly report, if a child does not have a Nessy Reading & Spelling license you will simply see ‘No License’ next to that student’s name.

Still unsure? Watch our video explaining the update here.

Any questions relating to the update please contact or call us on 0117 9239777.