The Best Online Reading Program for Screen-Addicted Kiddos

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Kaylene, mum of 3 (soon to be 4!) and homeschooling blogger at ‘This outnumbered Mama‘ has written a lovely review of Nessy Reading & Spelling.

Kaylene’s wonderful blog talks about her family; both the good and tougher times, homeschooling children with and without special needs, parenting and the challenges and rewards of working from home.

In her post she shares the effect Nessy had on her kindergarten aged, autistic child, affectionately referred to as A-man in her blog. We always say that Nessy is suitable for children of all ability levels, that was certainly Kaylene and A-man’s experience according to her review!

reviews of nessie

“Besides the obvious benefit of learning reading online being that A-Man is actually excited to start his reading lessons for the day, there are tons of surprising reasons that we fell in love with this curriculum. It gives A-Man a ton of instant feedback that he just didn’t get with a traditional curriculum. He earns “nuggets” for every task he completes, and when he passes a full lesson he gets a gold star! It’s great for kids who need some external motivation.”


It’s great to hear her story of the other kids clamouring to help A-Man on Nessy and getting Dad involved in the homeschooling journey! You can read her full article here.