Announcing Nessy’s New Partnership!

Bristol Zoo Gardens is the fifth oldest zoo in the world. Since opening their doors to the public on Monday 11th July 1836, they have helped save 175 species from extinction. We are delighted to announce that we have joined Bristol Zoo Gardens in a very special partnership.

We honour their mission to save wildlife through conservation and research, working to protect species and habitats overseas.




(Gorilla Island sponsors + Jock the gorilla)


Gorilla Island is home to a family of seven western lowland gorillas from Cameroon, Africa; Jock, Kera, Kukena, Kala, Touni, Afia, and Ayana. Sadly, the western lowland gorillas are critically endangered primates. Jock is the silverback and leader of the gorilla family – we think he looks like Burt the gorilla! As the boss, it’s Jock’s responsibility to lead the family on their day-to-day activities and to keep the peace between little Afia and Ayana.


Not only are we proud sponsors of Gorilla Island, but we also sponsor one of the gorillas – little Afia. The wild population of western lowland gorillas is currently estimated between 90,00 – 110,00, with many gorillas killed for the ‘bush meat’ trade. That is why it is so important to support Bristol Zoo Gardens and their conservation projects – and we’ve got a lovely cuddly toy in our office!




(Afia adoption pack + Afia in real life!)


Little Afia was born in 2016 by emergency cesarean section (which is a very rare procedure in captive apes). Her mother Kera was too unwell to look after her, so the team at Bristol Zoo Gardens hand-reared Afia for eight months. She was then introduced to her surrogate mother, and fully integrated into the gorilla family.





Did you know that besides drinking fresh water, the gorillas are also given sugar-free Ribena and herbal tea!







We are proud to support such a great cause at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

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