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Hairy Phonics

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Phonic sounds

Use Hairy Phonics as a first approach to learning to read.


About the Program

Phonics is the science behind learning to read and spell. Instead of just looking at a word and remembering it, phonics will help you to recognise the chunks of sounds that make up every word. Hairy Phonics will develop an understanding of the core concepts that underpin reading and spelling.


How it Works

Rapid Learning – Animations teach all 44 grapheme-phonemes.

Playing games is the best way to learn – Sequence phonemes into whole words. Read sentences and learn ‘tricky’ sight words.

Encourage a love of learning – The cool Hairy characters will have children laughing as they learn.

Synthetic Phonics – Uses the method recommended by the Department for Education and looked for by school inspectors.

Structured and systematic – A colour-coded sequence that fits in with all the major phonic schemes such as Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds.

How good are your phonics? – Get prepared for school tests.


“As a parent with a bright 5 year old who is really struggling to read, I bought the Hairy Phonics CD having let my 5 year old have a play with the apps available.
He loves it and will happily play for half an hour, whereas 5 minutes of reading
is hell.”
-Anita, Parent


Hairy Phonics has to be installed onto a Windows computer.
Recommended for ages 4-7 years
Windows XP – Win 10.
CD version is not available outside the UK.
Not compatible with tablets or Mac.
One-time payment – recurring charges do not apply.

Key Features

  • Assess phonic knowledge
  • Develop decoding skills,
  • Learn sight words
  • 50+ animated phonemes
  • Learn the process of blending (synthesis) and chunking (segmentation)

Hairy Phonics



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Hairy Phonics - The Best Way To Learn To Read

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