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Naughty Pony

Naughty Pony

Naughty Pony

Interactive storybook. Complete an activity on every page.

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Learn how to look after a pony and what cheeky things they can get up to


Feed, groom and even mucking out! There are lots of jobs that need to be done.

Complete a different activity on each page then create a pony of your own.

  • 21 interactive activities
  • Search for hidden hotspots on each page
  • Read or listen to the story
  • Learn what is involved in caring for a pony
  • Create your own pony and send it to your friend

App Facts

  • An interactive story book for ages 5 and above
  • 21 animated pages
  • For more Naughty Pony get the FREE ibook Naughty Pony and The Big Jump
  • Each illustration hand painted by artist Tom Plant
  • After the story, choose the name, colour and home of your very own pony


Naughty Pony Screen Shots

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