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Tables of Doom is more than just games to learn times tables. Animated strategies develop an understanding of multiplication.


"My daughter loves this. It has really helped her with the concept of times tables."

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Times Tables Games

Play a demo game Squares in the Air

Games are an effective way to learn times tables. Play the Squares in the Air game with the 3 times table and see how much is represented by each multiplication fact.

Tables of Doom has 5 amazing games, each designed to improve a different skill.

Learn times Tables

Watch a demo x9 Strategy

Research has proved that strategies help students who have difficulty remembering. Watch a strategy for the 9 times table. The National Research Council of America and studies by professor David Geary have identified the understanding of concepts as essential to learning mathematics.

Times Tables Worksheets

Try some worksheets to help you learn times tables and reinforce vital strategies. Tables of Doom has over 40 printable worksheets.

Times Table Chart

times table chart

Work out times tables using the Tables of Doom interactive widget.

What is Included?

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Tables of Doom is an online resource that requires internet access and a modern browser with Adobe Flash Player. It cannot be played from touch screen devices.

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